DIY Christmas Gift Ideas For Other Moms


With Christmas just around the corner now is the perfect time to start thinking about those great gifts you’re going to get for all your favourite people. While expensive gifts always seem like a great go to for the holiday season, many more fantastic gifts come from the heart and the hands by way of being crafted by friends or family. So what about all those special Moms in your life? What can you get them for the holidays that will really show them how special they are and that have come straight from the hands of you and your family? Here are some of the top ideas for DIY gifts for Mom this year.

For The Baking Mom

For the Mom who loves to bake, DIY baking supplies can be a great idea. For example, using a clean, empty mason jar and filling it with the ingredients to bake gingerbread men and layer them nicely for a festive-looking DIY gift that can make your baker friends smile. Measure out the exact measurements of each ingredient so that your baker friends just have to pour it into a bowl, add milk and eggs and away they go. Decorate the jar with plaid ribbons and fancy labels to make it even more festive.

For The Spa Loving Mom

Much like the gingerbread idea for baking moms, the same idea can be applied to spa loving moms by filling a mason jar with epsom salts, essential oils and bits of flowers, glitter or other fun things. If your spa loving friend doesn’t like little bits of stuff floating in their bathwater, consider making them a number of individual bath sachets using cheese or muslin cloth, tied with pretty ribbons and filled with epsom salts, oils and more, then stored in the mason jar and decorated accordingly.

For The Artsy Mom

If you have an artsy Mom friend, consider putting together an art package, much like the aforementioned ideas but with art supplies or products. A nice box decorated festively and filled with things from sculptor’s clay to paint brushes, paints, pallets, small sketchbooks or other general art supplies and the like. Consider putting together an artist’s care package of sorts to impress your art friend and make an impression. Who knows, you might get a painting of yourself back in return too!

For The Mommy Mom

Mommy moms are always slightly easy to buy for, but if you’re looking for great DIY ideas, why not consider putting together things like care packages for the baby with a little something extra in there for mom. A care package for the baby is a great way to take the stress off mom, which is a gift in disguise as well!

So there you have a couple of great ideas for DIY gifts for those moms in your life. How will you show your mom friends what they mean to you this year? With so many great ideas and ways to do so, one thing is for certain – you will be the talk of the town with your great DIY gift ideas!

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