DIY Gift Ideas For Thrifty Moms


With Christmas coming up and birthdays happening all the time you might find that keeping ideas for gifts fresh and exciting can get a bit tiresome. While many gift ideas are great to be recycled time and again, such as gift cards, hamper baskets and more, you might be thinking it’s time for a change in terms of getting your favourite people something new. Here are some great DIY gift ideas for those thrifty Moms you know. If you are a thrifty Mom, these ideas will help you make some great gifts for friends, family and maybe even the kids. So have a read on for some great DIY ideas that you can amend for birthdays, Christmas and more.

Spa Jars

Spa Jars aren’t just super awesome, but also super easy to make and don’t cost a bomb either. The bonus is that they make great gift ideas for teenagers that are hard to buy for as well as for just about anyone. Add different scents to appeal to different people – after all, men like baths too! Add epsom salts to a jar and then sprinkle different essential oils into the jar, shake around and voila, you have a great spa jar that will work for anyone. Dress it up with cute labels and ribbons and give as a solo gift or part of a larger package.

Baking Jars

The same concept as spa jars just with baking ingredients, baking jars can house a number of great recipes all ready to roll with just the addition of the wet ingredients on the recipient’s part. For example, consider getting a large mason jar and filling with the ingredients to make someone’s favourite chocolate cake. Layer the ingredients as neatly as possible for a really cool, pleasant look. Dress up with a sticky label with the recipe directions on it to help the recipient make their favourite treat and give as a gift either on its own or as part of a larger gift package.

Paper Mache All Day

It might sound a bit retro, but if you’re crafty at all, you can make some of the coolest stuff out of paper mache. Blow up a large balloon and apply paper mache to the middle parts up to about 2 inches to both the top and bottom, perhaps leaving a bit more at the tops and bottoms, depending on your preference. Once dry, pop the balloon and remove, sand the mache down until it’s smooth and then paint it a white base. You can add other colours if you like. Take some copper wire or other small metal wiring and link along the top bit several times to create a hanger. Voila, a lamp or lantern shade, made by hand, essentially for free.

So if you’re a thrifty mom and you’ve been looking for the next best gift idea, consider one of these great suggestions. With so many cool, crafty, original and creative ways to make some awesome gifts from scratch, it’s no wonder crafty, thrifty moms keep choosing to make handmade gifts for all reasons and seasons. So what will you choose to make this year?

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