How To Improve Social Skills In Children With ADHD


When it comes to social situations children can sometimes experience issues whether it’s related to shyness or problems such as ADHD. Social problems can cause your child to struggle to make friends or enjoy being social with other people which can in turn lead to loneliness, isolation and further behavioural issues, many of which are avoidable with the proper practice and training of how to behave socially. If your child suffers from ADHD, here are some ways you can help to improve their social ability to ensure they have a great experience whenever they run into an opportunity to make friends, attend parties or generally get out amongst their peers.

Increase Social Awareness

Social awareness is where the child understands how their words and actions affect other people around them. For example, teaching a child that it’s not right to joke by making fun of others but that it’s alright to make jokes about other, more appropriate things is a perfect example of social awareness. Teaching them that knowing when it’s okay to let anger out and when it’s not okay is another good example as in social situations it’s never generally appropriate to yell, scream, cry or throw a tantrum.

Practice Makes Perfect

Helping your child get practice in social situations will be key to ensuring they become fully functioning, capable adults that are able to manage their emotions in appropriate ways. Offering up opportunities such as play dates or allowing friends to come home after school are great ways to help foster growth and experience that can allow your child to become more knowledgeable in how to behave socially. With you being present to monitor the situation, you can likewise ensure they are following rules, staying relevant, appropriate and mindful of their interactions with others.

Get Support From School

If your child really struggles with social situations or being in the classroom, it’s possible that their school may run a special support program for children just like yours. Programs that help socialise children with after school play dates, general support from teaching assistants to ensure they are kept up to speed and kept on task with their assignments and the like are just a few ways your child’s school can help you as a parent to ensure your child gets the best opportunities even if they do have ADHD.

Create Opportunities

Creating opportunities for your child to work on their social skills or to learn how to function properly is just as important as supporting them through their struggles as they learn and make mistakes. Using patience and a gente hand to guide them in their path is imperative so they know they can rely on you to be there for them when it counts.

So whether your child suffers with ADHD or any other kind of issue that means they have a hard time following directions, instructions or they struggle to make friends, you can help support them by providing a solid foundation on which they can grow and begin to learn how best to associate with others. By guiding your child in their social lives you can help ensure they will grow into fully functioning adults with a good understanding of how to properly behave in social situations

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