Which Flowers Are Best For Each Occasion?

There are many occasions in life which call for flowers, weddings and funerals are obvious choices but flowers can also represent a number of other important occasions. Depending on the particular occasion in a person’s life there are flowers which fit the event perfectly and the characteristics of the flowers in terms of colors and shape are used to represent certain qualities which the even represents. In order to get your choices right we caught up with the brilliant team at Pearsons Florists in Sydney, to find out which flowers you should be buying and when.


When it comes to an anniversary we know that they are certain gifts which should be bought depending on how many years the happy couple have been together such as paper, straw, diamond etc. There are also flowers for each 5th year anniversary, and they are as follows:

5 – Daisies

10 – Daffodils

15 – Roses

20 – Aster

25 – Iris

30 – Lily

As a general floral gift roses are a fail-safe, pink and red varieties which represent unrequited love, remember to always avoid yellow flowers as they represent friendship.


Most flowers will work well as a birthday gift but depending on the time of year the person was born, there are certain flowers which work best:

Jan – Carnation

Feb – Violet

March – Daffodil

April – Daisy

May – Lily

June – Rose

July  – Larkspur

August – Gladiolus

September – Aster

October – Marigold

November – Chrysanthemum

December – Poinsettia

Hot Date

If you plan to take flowers on your first date with someone then there are a few varieties which work best and these are orchids, dandelions or tulips. These flowers are welcoming yet not overwhelming and their colors represent new beginnings. Remember only to take flowers if you are meeting them at their place, otherwise they’ll be carrying them around all night.


In many cases funeral flowers will be chosen based on what the deceased liked most, but there are some staple choices which are often used at funerals. Lilies, roses and chrysanthemums are the usual choices for funeral flowers as they represent purity and calmness during a sad time as well as offering some energetic colors like reds and pinks which signify celebration of life.

Get Well Soon

Other than a box of grapes the most commonly gifted item for those in hospital or those who are ill is flowers. When you are wishing someone a speedy recovery with flowers then you should be looking at marigolds, tulips, irises and gladioli, beautiful flowers which represent resilience, they also don’t have strong scents which is something that is recommended for people in hospital.

Saying Thank You

If you want to reward someone with flowers then look to give them carnations, lilies or daisies. These flowers are bright and happy flowers which do the perfect job of showing your gratitude to someone. Bouquets with these flowers in are not over the top yet they show enough thought and care to offer your thanks.

Next time you get some flowers, for whichever occasion, try to find out exactly which are the best flowers for that particular event.

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