6 Easy Ways to Save Money as a Low-Income Earner


It’s inevitable in this day and age that you will find yourself struggling at some point to make ends meet, providing money for all the necessities of life and managing to save money for a rainy day as well. If this sounds accurate, then you might want to think about ways you can save money as a low income – or no income – earner. While it can be embarrassing to have little to no money to spend, it isn’t the end of the world, and in fact there are tons of ways you can save money when you don’t have a lot. Here are six easy ways to save money as a low income earner.

Monthly Meals

This is a great way to help save money throughout the month. In one fell swoop you do all the grocery shopping for the month (plan in advance) and take one weekend where you cook ALL your main meals for the month ahead. Anything from stews to casseroles, hamburger patties and more. Obviously only prep certain things (like hamburgers) to cook at a later date, but the rest you can cook altogether and then freeze or use later. This will help you have quick, easy meals and reduce the likelihood of caving and getting takeout when you just can’t be bothered to cook. Simply defrost over the day you’re at work and then throw it in the microwave when you get home!

Host Friends Instead Of Going Out

Everyone knows hitting the restaurant, bar or club can be a huge expense and so why not consider hosting your friends in your home instead of going out? Get everyone to bring one dish and have a potluck dinner party where you can all benefit from a great dinner and company for much less than going to the club. The extra bonus? Everyone saves money and you can actually hear each other talk!

Make A List And Stick To It

Going shopping? Make a list and stick to it. Make sure you don’t deviate from the list or you will find yourself spending more money on things you don’t need. Making a list means you have thought about the things you will actually use and actually need and therefore won’t be wasting money by throwing things away when they go out of date. This is a huge help when it comes to saving money – throwing away unused/unwanted food is essentially like throwing money away.

Watch Your Electric

Leaving the TV on, lights on, running the AC or heater non-stop and doing all sorts of other bits and bobs can be a huge drain on the electric bill. If this sounds like you, stop it right now! Electric bills can be a huge drain on finances, but the more you keep lights off, keep things running on low or off entirely when not in use, and make sure you aren’t leaving every light in the house on, you can help cut your bill drastically.

Cancel Unused Memberships

Still getting docked monthly for that gym membership you used once? Cancel it or see if you can buy out your contract. Sometimes buying it out works out cheaper in the long run than keeping it running. Still want one? See if you can switch to a rolling month to month in the event there is one month you don’t use it. Do you have Amazon Prime or Netflix memberships but never use it? Cancel it and consider downloading shows instead.

Cut Back On Luxuries, Buy Used

Do you always buy things first hand, brand new? If so, it’s time to stop and go for second or even third hand. Used items don’t have that same shimmer and shine as brand new, but they can be just as good. Used clothes, shoes, bags and the like are often a fraction of the price and you can find some real steals on charity shop or used clothing store racks. So instead of paying premium price for something you’re the first person to wear, check out your local second hand shops for potential treasure finds!

So if you’ve been needing to save money, consider some of these great tips to keep your spending at bay. With so many easy ways to do so, there’s never been an easier time to put some ideas into practice! So how will you save money?

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