Rehome & Recycle Old Toys – Dodge the Landfill

A Season in Life

Life is a series of seasons. Surely one of the most emotional seasons for a parent must be the one where we realise that the kids are grown up. There’s no need to have a pile of old toys cluttering up your living space. So do we call our rubbish removal company and get rid of them? Your kids may have a favourite piece or two to they’d like to keep. Otherwise, toy cars, train sets and tea sets can be dismissed without regret. As parents, we may feel sadness at letting go of the past. But this is part of the process of life. We learn to embrace it. We may have had to go through disposing of old toys several times during the kids growing-up years. As birthdays and Christmas bring in a fresh batch of toys, we’ve learnt that decluttering in advance is necessary.

The Problem with Toys

What will happen to your old toys when they’re removed? The chances are high that they’ll end up in a landfill. Most toys are made of plastic and other materials. The problem is, that as of now, they’re not recyclable. Plastic, battery operated toys are the ones which are most difficult to recycle. Many toys have a short lifespan and end up dumped within months. Either they break or the child tires of them. The environmental damage done by plastic is quietly leading us to an environmental disaster. Every effort must be made to ensure that toys, especially plastic ones, are kept out of landfills. In the interests of our environment and also our children’s future. Gases like methane and carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere when these toys are dumped and go through the degradation process. They poison the atmosphere. Metals affect the groundwater and poison it. What’s the solution to this problem?

Solution to Toxic Toys

There are some solutions to this problem, if we’re willing to use them. This depends on where we’re placed in the toy’s life cycle.

  • It must be made clear to manufacturers that retail outlets won’t stock toys unless they’re environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.
  • People who give gifts to children might be given to understand that toys are not always the best choice as a gift for a child. Many children have so many toys that they can’t play with all of them.
  • Damaged toys should be sent for recycling.
  • Toys in good condition may be donated to charities and toy libraries to bring joy to other children’s lives.
  • Parents and relatives should try to purchase quality toys for their children which are made from recycled materials. Some companies have already started manufacturing items from recycled toys.
  • Call an environmentally aware rubbish removal company to take those broken toys away. Such as Clearabee, which diverts 95% of the waste it removes from landfills.

For Rubbish Removal – Call Clearabee!

Clearabee is the UK’s no. 1 man and van rubbish removal company. They have the manpower, the expertise and the structure to carry out your waste disposal at almost any location in the UK. They are fully licensed, unlike some removal ‘experts’ who promise a cheap job and dump the rubbish illegally. The best thing about the company is its commitment to the environment. It diverts 95% of its collected waste away from the landfill. That has to be the best thing about Clearabee’s service.

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