Things to Remember as You Strive for Success

If you want to be successful like Louis Hernandez Jr, you need to seriously take a look at what you want to accomplish and then prepare yourself for the trip. It will be a rocky one and one that requires you get prepared for the rough times and also to learn about yourself.

Here are some key elements that make up success for you to ponder.

Get Used to Hard Work

No matter what you have been told, every new business demands hard work and commitment. You must be prepared to dedicate yourself fully and provide all of the time needed or you should not expect to have success. Remember there are dozens of other hard working entrepreneurs and established companies in your same industry. You can expect that they will put in the work to take your customers and any new business that develops in the industry.  Only by putting in the time can you understand and appreciate fully what is going on so not having the dedication puts you at a large disadvantage. This is one of the reasons why so many people say that you must love what you do because you have to dedicate yourself.

Solicit the Help of Successful Mentors

Mentors give you the opportunity to get valuable advice from people who have been in your exact position as a new entrepreneur. When you are new to a business you cannot understand the flow of things or anticipate what will likely happen. Mentors give you insight and can alert you to things that you would never ordinarily see of even think about. Because they have gone through the successes and failures before they know what to keep an eye on and what seems to be but is not really important. This information is very valuable because it will help educate you and help you to align your limited resources correctly. The type of relationship you want to establish with a mentor is one where there is absolute honesty and where the person cane speak freely. In the end it is your decision whether to take the advice but the mentor will at least have put it in you thinking.  Plan to meet with your mentor once each week and more often if you are having problems or big changes in your business. Also be sure to offer your mentor compensation for his or her time. This will show your appreciation and respect for their time.

Accept That Failure is Part of the Process

No one who is successful got that way without having many failures. It is simply part of the process. Whether it is a sports star, an astronaut, a business leader or a military general. Each has had to go through a process of not reaching their goals to understand and appreciate how to get to their goals consistently better and faster than others. What often sets them apart from everyone else who fails is that they pay attention to the reasons why they fail and they also keep a positive attitude about failing no matter how often it happens. To be clear, failing hurts and it says that what you thought was incorrect. You may have put a lot of effort, money and other resources into your effort only to fail, but in the end you can always get out more than you lost if you adopt the right attitude.

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