An Animal Lover’s Guide on Where to Buy CBD Oil for Pets

If you are a petowner, chances are you would do anything to keep your pet healthy. Your cat or dog is a key family member, and things at home wouldn’t be the same without your animal around. Without your loving furry friend, who would be there to greet you with a wagging tail after a long day at the office?

Heaven forbid your pet develops a serious medical issue, but unfortunately it happens. When something goes awry with your animal’s health, you should try using CBD oil as a treatment. This miracle drug is not just for humans, contrary to what some people believe. CBD oil has been proven to enhance the lives of animals in a variety of ways.

Wondering where to buy CBD oil for pets? If you’ve already performed a Google search, you’ll see that there are endless options. Not all pet-focused CBD oils are created equal, but CBD Dog Health is a name you can trust.

What is the story behind CBD Dog Health?

CBD Dog Health was founded by Angela Ardolino, a woman who has suffered for many years from certain medical conditions – until she discovered the miracles of CBD. After experiencing so much success from CBD oils herself, she wondered why her dog couldn’t also reap the benefits. She decided to create a safe product using only the best vegan and non-GMO ingredients.

What makes CBD Dog Health stand out from other similar companies?

It is a sad fact, but many companies still use industrialized hemp oil from other countries that does not live up to the same safety and quality standards. Ardolino’s focus is on creating products containing full-spectrum hemp oil for the best therapeutic results. Just because these products are not for human consumption does not mean they should be any lower in quality.

What products are offered by CBD Dog Health?

This company offers just about any CBD-based product for pets. No matter the condition your pet is suffering from, chances are you’ll find something at CBD Dog Health to ease the pain. You can find everything from soothing topical balms to stress-relieving doggy treats. One of the best selling products here is the freeze dried chicken treats infused with CBD oil. These are perfect for pain relief and relaxation.

Order online or purchase in-store?

Lucky for you, CBD Dog Health has both online and in-store purchasing options. There are certain retail locations throughout several states that carry CBD Dog Health Products, including grooming facilities, pet resorts, and animal hospitals. If you live far from a retail location, you can have the products delivered right to your doorstep.

Is CBD really safe for my pet?

Not only is CBD safe for you pet, it is even safer than many common medications on the market today. There are lots of medications out there that can have a negative effect on your animal’s kidneys, liver, and GI tract. CBD oil is not one of these. Of course overdosing should be avoided, but the risk of negative side effects is much less when using CBD for pet health.

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