How to Enjoy a Winter Vacation While Traveling with Babies

So, you two finally got back on your feet after welcoming the newborn in your family, and now it is time for all of you to go in a winter vacation – the problem is that you’ve never been on vacation with a baby!

What do you do? Actually, do you have to do anything – prepare anything?

Well, if you really want to enjoy your winter vacation, then yes – there are a lot of things you can do to ensure this when traveling with babies. Thus, in today’s article, we’ll give you some tips and trick on how to properly enjoy a winter vacation when you decide to bring the little ones with you as well.

Separate Sleeping Areas

Let’s say that you want to visit Innsbruck – after an entire day of visiting the town and introducing your little ones to the rest of the world, you’ll go back into your accommodation and put them to sleep.

But, what if you and your significant other want to return to the Old Town and enjoy the city lights? Or maybe just go for a walk? Well, you can’t do that because, when you’ll get back, you’ll wake up the babies.

And this is one of the reasons why you should book separate sleeping areas for you and your babies – just get two adjacent rooms so you can switch between them whenever you need to.

Prepare for Winter

Naturally, you don’t want to leave the clothes-buying-session for when you reach your destination. This is something you have to do way long before searching for airport taxis in Innsbruck.

Make sure that your babies have the proper attire for the climate you are going to get them in – for example, Innsbruck might be a bit hotter when visiting the Old Town, but, if you decide to go all the way up to Nordkette, things might get a bit chilly – thus, you’d want your children to have just the right clothes for such weather.

Moreover, if you plan on buying their clothes after you reach your destination, make sure that you have a big budget, as you are going to need it!

Get Ready Before – Have Fun After!

In short, if you want to really enjoy a winter vacation while traveling with babies, the key is to put some time into getting ready before actually setting off – for example, make sure that you bring something to distract them with when they seem to have too much energy.

Then, learn how to embrace the naptime ritual as well – you will most certainly need to recharge your batteries as well after caring for your babies for the entire day. Furthermore, make sure to have some Advil/ Tylenol with you, for when the toothache strikes in – Advil lasts for around 8 hours, making it perfect for nighttime, while Tylenol around 4 hours.

In the end, the one thing you should do is to keep calm and don’t rush things – if you have a baby with you, then feel free to NOT stick up to the plan/ schedule you’ve come up with when back home.

Just be happy with your family and make your babies smile and laugh, even if you don’t get to see everything you wanted to see!

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