Breast Reconstruction Center Advice on Helping Your Wife Through Proceedings


Breast cancer unfortunately affects a huge number of women around the world and whilst this is a highly treatable and often curable cancer, it is still a harrowing ordeal for any woman to go through. A mastectomy is a regular procedure in the effort to minimize the risk of cancer spreading and that can also be something very tough for a woman to face, given the importance and function of the breasts. Those women who have had breasts removed can go to a breast reconstruction center to have surgery which will give that back their breasts and make them feel far better about themselves. For a husband who has a wife going through this it can also be tricky and here is how you can best help your wife.


You need to be very patient with your wife in terms of waiting for her to start talking about how she feels with regards to the surgery that she has just been through. This is of course not to say that you should ignore her or not mention it but you should avoid speaking directly about it until she would like to. Try to ask general questions and then read the situation as to whether she would like to discuss it or not.


You and your wife are more than likely very comfortable in each other’s company with no clothes on but this may need to change for a little while. There can be no telling how comfortable your wife feels being seen naked at this moment and so a few of your normal habits may have to change for a little while. If she is in the bath or the shower then leave her be and allow her to let you know when things are back to normal.


Sex is of course a part of a healthy relationship and it is obviously not something which you should even consider until your wife is ready. This goes beyond trying to get intimate with your wife at bedtime, it is also about not speaking too much about it in other situations. You should always be honest with your wife and let her know that the ball is very much in her court, if you simply ignore it she may start to think that you don’t want her in that way. Try to create an open and honest dialogue and ensure that she knows that there is no rush for anything.

Self Esteem

Even though they have had it reconstructed, losing a breast can be truly terrifying for a woman and their self-esteem can take a huge knock. It will be up to you to make sue that you are complimenting her and generally doing all that you can to get her self-esteem back up and running again.

Just be open and honest and most importantly support her with whatever she needs.

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