Dentist Advice, Why So Many People Get Veneers

If you have a smile or teeth with a shape which you are not happy with then you have a couple of options in front of you when you go to see your dentist. The first option is to have dental braces fitted which are the metal brackets which you see people sporting, the second option is to choose something like Invisalign which is a similar system to braces although it uses a gum-shield type piece of equipment rather than metal brackets. The final option, and one which has become far more popular than ever before, is to have veneers placed on your teeth. This treatment involves your original teeth being shaved down and then having some pre-fabricated veneers placed over the top of your old teeth and here is why it is more popular than ever.


In the past the only people who we would have seen sporting dental veneers were the rich and famous and this was because the cost of the treatment was so expensive that they were the only ones who could afford it. Over the years however new materials and new ways of working have brought down the cost of veneers, combined with the fact that it is more readily available these days. The lower price has made this a far more accessible treatment for millions of people who want a perfect smile.


The biggest draw of dental veneers, especially when compared with the other options is that it gives the patient an instant smile. Braces and other treatments often take months or even years because they are seeking to gradually move the existing teeth into place. When you decide to have veneers however you will have one or two treatments which will complete the process and within just a week you will have the smile that you have always wanted. The instant nature of veneers is what makes this such an appealing option for anyone who is unhappy with the state of their teeth.


In the past there were no guarantees that veneers were going to last you a very long time before they needed to be replaced. In fact in some cases with composite veneers they would only last around 10 years before you had to replace them. These days however the porcelain and composite veneers will last for a great while longer than ever before and some people have had the same veneers in for almost 30 years. This has given more confidence to people who are looking at this as an option and it is just another reason why advancements have made this a treatment option which is more popular than it has ever been before.

If you are looking for a way in which you can fix your smile then veneers is a great option for you and its low price, instant results and longevity are all attractive features of this kind of dental treatment .

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