Fireplace Screens and Other Necessary Accessories For Your Hearth

There are few better feelings in this life than sitting in front of an open fire on a cold evening, reading a book and sipping on something warm. It is precisely for this reason that more and more home owners are unblocking the chimneys which were blocked up many years ago, and once again enjoying the benefits of what an open fire – or hearth as it is often known – can bring to the household. When you start getting prepared to get your fire up and running, these are the key pieces of equipment which you will need to make a great fire and to keep everyone safe.

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens are one of the most important pieces of equipment which you will need when setting up your fireplace because it is this that will protect the rest of the room from the embers and the sparks which fly off the fire. Believe it or not  there have been many sad situations where a fireplace has caused a house fire and in most cases this is linked to the small, glowing embers which jump out of the fire, more often than not nestling into carpet or a rug and then setting it all on fire. A fireplace screen will ensure that the fire stays exactly where it is.


Fire needs oxygen in order to keep on going and of course it is never a good idea for you to put your face anywhere near the fire to blow on it. The perfect solution then is a set of bellows, a small pump which gathers air inside and then squeezes it out onto the fire, giving the flames the oxygen which they need to keep on raging. These can be used when the fire is dying out, when you are getting it going or even when you add some new fuel.


The fire does need some attention from time to time and you may have to use a poker to move things around in the fireplace. A good poker should be made with solid metal and it should have a heatproof handle so that you don’t burn yourself. A poker should also be long so that you don’t need to get too close to the fire in order to move it around.


Similar to the poker a set of tongs should also be long and have a heatproof handle. The tongs will be used to move things around but also lift logs into place or remove anything which has been left ion front of the fire, or even in the fire itself. Usually you will be able to get a nice set which includes both tongs and a poker and they look very decorative standing alongside your hearth. These tools are functional and they look great so choose wisely.

Stay safe and enjoy the very best that an open fire can give you.

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