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With people becoming more conscious about their health and their fitness, yoga is becoming more and more popular. Yoga is designed to heal the body, mind and soul using poses, special breathing techniques and meditation. It promises to be one of the most effective ways to heal both mental and physical issues. 300 billion people all around the world practice it today.

In these digital age days, there is a rise and a demand to take a yoga class online. Glo is a yoga class online program that has been able to work with this need and come up with wonderful classes that can benefit so many. There are some advantages to offering online classes over the traditional classes that are offered in the studio. The ease with which it can be accessed makes it very appealing.


The first advantage is the idea that it can be practiced anywhere and at any time. People can access the classes at any time during the night or day. You can also participate at home, on vacation, at work or wherever you choose. If you practice yoga in a studio, you are at the mercy of their schedule. That might not fit conveniently around your schedule, and therefore you might forego it all together. With digital access, all you need is your mat, a digital device and finding the time, whenever it works for you.


The second advantage is you can choose whichever type of yoga you want, and whenever you want. Glo offers classes in many different yoga disciplines. They can be accessed at any time. In a studio, you have to follow their schedule and follow the specific time they might offer the type of yoga that interests you. Glo offers classes for beginners to expert. It also offers numerous types including hatha from Tias Little, vinyasa flow from Annie Carpenter, meditation from David Harshada Wagner, Pilates from Kit Rich and many more.


Online classes are also a lot less expensive. The cost of signing up for an online subscription is about half to a third or less of the cost of going to a studio for drop in classes. The high costs of drop in classes can also make it harder for everyone to have access. Since you are paying for a subscription, you can go as often as you like, which means access to more classes for less money.


Online classes are great for beginners. Many people feel intimidated with the poses and other aspects of yoga. They feel somewhat on show when they go to a studio. Online, you never have to be embarrassed about how you look. You can concentrate on making sure you are doing the poses correctly without having your mind wonder to the personal discomfort you might feel about the way you look. Online, you are able to learn and improve at the pace that is best for you.


Online classes also offer the advantage of letting you learn from the best. They can use yoga instructors that would not be accessible in a normal yoga studio. With the yoga class online, you can learn the practice from some of the best and most popular yoga teachers in the world. Glo has a wide range of instructors that are experts in their own practices. They have so many instructors that it is easy to find someone that you feel comfortable learning from.


You are also able to receive training online that will allow you to teach. Online courses do not give you a certification, but the training would be the same as what you would receive in an in-class setting. This accreditation is not necessary in order to teach, so receiving the skills to teach is another advantage of online classes, and it can be one for much less expense. Glo offers this opportunity to those who are interested in taking their training up a notch.

Go ahead and get started on your healthy lifestyle. Consider signing up for a yoga class online through Glo at Glo.com. There is no time like the present. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

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