How To Be A Mom Without Completely Losing Your Identity


Being a mom can be a daunting job at the best of times, what with all the children’s schedules, feedings, making dinner, doing school runs and more you might find you have next to no time to yourself. Add to this having to work, spend time with your partner as well as run errands and it can be entirely possible to just find that you lose your own identity in being a mother, wife or caregiver. But how can you ensure you retain your own personality while caring for so many others? Here are a couple of top tips.

Keep You Time For You

Having time just for yourself is imperative to ensure you stay sane even when you are run off your feet busy. Many Moms block off an hour or two per week where possible to do the things they need to do without being interrupted for a bottle feeding, diaper change or to run someone to a practice somewhere. While doing things you need to do may not be always something to help you de-stress, having that time to yourself to do things even like balancing the checkbook can help keep stress at bay later.

Have Your Own Hobbies

Having your own hobbies is a great way to ensure you keep yourself alive amid caring for everyone else around you. Hobbies can include things like painting, drawing, playing various sports such as hockey, pool, bowling, tennis and more or doing outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing or swimming. Hobbies are a great way to retain your own individual tastes and personality and help create a well rounded individual with unique interests and likes and so having hobbies is essentially integral to retaining individuality of any kind.

Take Yourself Out

Have you had a lengthy time where it’s seemed that it’s been non stop and you haven’t had a moment’s peace to just chill out and take time for you? Why not treat yourself to a shopping trip, spa day or dinner at your favourite restaurant? After all, you don’t need to wait for it to be presented to you as an option in order to do it. You deserve a treat day as well! So what will you pick for your own self date night?

Self Care Isn’t Selfish

Most of all when it comes to retaining your individuality as a parent it’s important to remember that taking care of yourself isn’t selfish at all and is in fact hugely important in order to make sure you have what you need in order to be the best mother and caregiver that you can. As the saying goes ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ and nothing is more true than when it comes to caring for others when you give so very much of yourself. So what will you choose to do to take care of you? Remember that you can only give when you yourself are cared for too!

So there you have a couple of great ways you can begin to retain your individuality as a mother. Mothering seems easy at first but with the hectic schedules and demands on your time it can be difficult to make sure you’re cared for too.

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